Embodied Carbon Part 2:

Practical Design Decisions for

Reducing Embodied Carbon

As the topic of embodied carbon in building materials has gained popularity in the design industry, we are often presented with fascinating data and statistics on the subject. This leaves us with an important question: how are industry leaders actually dealing with this issue in practice?

Building on Embodied Carbon Part 1: The Blind Spot in the Building Industry, Part 2 presents a panel of speakers with varied backgrounds to discuss:

  • The types of Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) that are utilized in practice

  • When an LCA is integrated into the design process

  • How the study of embodied carbon affects the workflow between architects, engineers and contractors

  • Precedent projects where LCA has guided important design decisions

Stephanie Carlisle, Principal, Kieran Timberlake
Stacy Smedley, Director of Sustainability, Skanska
Julie Janiski, Principal, Buro Happold


Kristina Miele, Senior Engineer, Fast+Epp


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