CLF-NY is the local chapter of the Carbon Leadership Forum™, which is a network of 500+ members from all over the world who are working to connect and promote awareness of embodied carbon in the built environment.


We organize local workshops and events to empower industry professionals to move toward emissions reduction goals by:

  1. Fostering communication

  2. Facilitating resource sharing

  3. Driving alignment between similar research and work efforts




The policy group reviews and promotes upcoming public policy changes related to embodied carbon in primarily local and state levels. 


The technical group works to determine how the construction industry can incorporate new technologies into projects to help reduce embodied carbon.


The community group works on developing community engagement through workshops, seminars, publications, and other resources.


The Carbon Leadership Forum (CLF) is a group dedicated to decarbonizing the built environment.  Check out their website for more information.

CLF-NY works closely with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), especially their New York chapter.



Embodied Carbon, the measure of the CO2 emissions resulting from the manufacture, transport and construction of building materials, will account for almost half of total emissions from new construction between now and 2050. Embodied carbon in buildings contributes to approximately 11% of global emissions.


Creating meaningful change is a collaborative effort.

It’s time we put our heads together to change the way we think about building design and policy.


This is our opportunity to insight change and commit to achieving a carbon-neutral built environment.

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